Ladies Style Class

Friends, Fashion, & Food= FUN!Need a girls day?

Want something fun full of fashion tips?

Host a Ladies Style Class

Learn in the comfort of your own home.

Every guest will leave knowing…

  • your Dominant Color Category
  • your “pop” colors
  • your best neutrals
  • Whether you’re a Glamour Girl, a Movie Star or a Rock Star
  • how to dress your body type
  • how to accessorize to suit your frame

My hostesses are FREE when five friends are paid for.


Style School is the place to be if you are…
  • wondering what colors are right for you
  • in need of an everyday makeup look
  • trying to simplify and maximize your wardrobe
  • unsure of how to dress for your body type
  • in need of a style
  • looking for ways to make shopping for clothes faster, easier and simpler
  • ready to get noticed and carry yourself more confidently
  • excited about a fun girls’ day!
And you’ll love the feedback from your friends!

Style School includes…

  • body type assessment (are you a B, O, D or X?)
  • how to dress for your body type (with lots of visuals!)
  • how to accessorize best for your body type
  • Overview of the four style types (yes, we encourage you to choose one!)
You can also contact me about putting on a Style School for your women’s group, ministry event, retreat or group of girlfriends!