Reveal Your Dignity

Reveal Your Dignity is a program designed for middle school, tween, and teenage girls.  

Young girls are bombarded with social media, magazines, celebrities, and even their own peers on what is defined as beautiful, either looking a certain way or be a certain size. These beautiful girls struggle with low self-esteem resulting in body image issues.  Each year, the age of these girls gets younger and younger.  This shattered view of beauty and low self-esteem carries on to high school, college, and into their adult lives.  

The Lord has placed in my heart to empower young girls and share the truth that they are beautiful and loved by a heavenly Father. I want them to be confident in their own skin and learn how to dress their bodies with respect and dignity! 

Reveal Your Dignity’s mission is to teach young women how to have fun with fashion while learning to dress with dignity and respect. “Our goal is to equip these young women with fashion skills as well as character skills so that they can dress with dignity and respect and then pass this training on to the next generation.”

Reveal Your Dignity teaches girls……..

  •  Their best accessory is confidence, joy, & love
  • Positive self-image
  • Inner beauty
  • Learn their best colors based on their hair, eyes, and skin tone.
  • How to be stylish & modest
  • Learn how to implement the latest trends and be modest


***This program can be implemented as a workshop or a weekend retreat.

Great for……

Small Groups

Youth Groups

Girl Scouts

Church Events

Mother & Daughter Events



Contact me to schedule your Reveal Your Dignity event!


“I have always had a heart for young girls. It is a struggle to dress modestly when the world around us tell us to show it ALL! However, I want to show girls how to dress their bodies with dignity and be a fashionista!” – Serena