Let’s Go Shopping

Do you ever wish you had an expert shopping partner?

Are you frustrated or stressed when it’s that time to go shopping for the new season?

Need someone to help you stay on task and on budget?

Serena’s shopping skills will help you save time, money, and stress!

As your personal shopper, Serena will help you choose items that enhance your natural beauty and make you look amazing. Serena’s goal is to find items that reflect your inner beauty.

Helping you think “outside of the box,” you’ll learn how to try on new styles you’d never dare without the guidance of a professionally trained expert.

Serena has  experience shopping on a tight budget and can help you find the best “bang for your buck!”  Either through gently used stores, or finding deals at your favorite retail stores. Serena can work with any budget to help you find items to meet your needs both physically and financially.